Third harmonic generation (THG) microscopy

Third harmonic generation (THG) microscopy
THG imaging of a live zebrafish larva. Adapted from Ferrer Ortas et al, Light Sci App 2023.

Nonlinear microscopies have the unique ability to provide micrometer-scale 3D images from within complex, scattering samples such as biological tissues.

In particular, third-harmonic generation (THG) microscopy highlights sub-micrometer interfaces (e.g. lipidic structures) and provides 3D structural images of unstained samples. Polarized THG can also detect optical anisotropy. At specific wavelengths, resonant THG highlights red blood cells. This information can be combined with other nonlinear signals such as SHG, fluorescence (2PEF, 3PEF) or fluorescence lifetime (FLIM).

Since THG is a coherent process, signal generation must be properly analyzed in order to interpret the images. We study the contrast mechanisms in THG microscopy (phase matching, nonlinear susceptibility), and we develop novel applications such as :
• imaging tissue morphology;
• using THG to detect myelin, lipids or hemoglobin;
• using polarized THG to probe organized media: biocrystals, cornea, etc

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