Polytechnique bioimaging facility / Morphoscope

Polytechnique bioimaging facility / Morphoscope

The Morphoscope / Polytechnique Bioimaging Facility is hosted and operated by the Laboratory for Optics & Biosciences at Ecole Polytechnique.

Morphoscope is an optical microscopy platform with emphasis on methodological innovation, resulting from a major equipment investment grant (Equipex Morphoscope2 2013-2023). It hosts both commercial instruments and innovative lab-built systems based on novel technologies. It received the IBiSA label in 2019 and is part of the France BioImaging national infrastructure.

Imaging equipment is organized along complementary axes:
* Deep-tissue imaging with multi-contrast nonlinear microscopy.
* Fast imaging of semi-transparent samples using light-sheet excitation microscopy.
* Super-resolution optical microscopy.
* Large-volume bioimage informatics (managing & processing 3D/4D images with >10^10 voxels)

// Installed equipment //

Application-oriented setups (access through collaborations or reservation): 
* Multimodal/multicolor multiphoton microscope (2PEF, SHG, THG) – LaVision Biotec Trimscope-II equipped with 3 femtosecond beams
* Super-resolution SIM / TIRF microscope – GE Healthcare, DeltaVision OMX SR
* Confocal microscope (FRAP, white light laser, resonant scanner) – Leica, TCS SP 8X
* Multi-view light-sheet microscope – Luxendo-Bruker, MuVi-SPIM
* Line-field confocal optical coherence tomography - Damae Medical

Methodology-oriented setups (lab-built, collaborative access):
* Multimodal multiphoton microscopes (2PEF, SHG, THG, FLIM, polarization)
* Large-volume color 2PEF microscope (wavelength mixing, brainbow, integrated vibratome)
* 3-photon/THG microscope
* Two-photon light-sheet microscope

Local environment:
* Zebrafish facility. Capacity 6000 fish.
* Secured image server with an OMERO installation (70 TB).
* One GPU compute server with NVidia v100x3
* Several image processing/analysis workstations, including 3 Imaris licences.

// Access & collaboration //

We can provide the following:
* Case study, expertise, and technological innovation in cell and tissue imaging.
* Cellular / super-res imaging:
    - color confocal microscopy.
    - TIRF-SIM microscopy.
* Thick tissue imaging:
    - multicontrast multiphoton microscopy: 2PEF, SHG, THG, polarimetry, FLIM, CARS, color 2-photon.
    - deep-tissue 3-photon microscopy.
    - ex vivo large volume multicolor microscopy (ChroMS = color 2P integrated with serial slicing).
    - minimally invasive optical coherence tomography (OCT).
* Fast imaging: standard and 2-photon light-sheet microscopy.

// Contacts //

Facility management: Pierre Mahou.
Scientific coordination: Emmanuel Beaurepaire.
Applications steering commitee: Willy Supatto, Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein, Chiara Stringari, Anatole Chessel.