Advanced microscopies and tissue physiology

Advanced microscopies and tissue physiology

Ongoing advances in optical imaging open novel possibilities for studying intact biological tissues with subcellular resolution. We develop experimental strategies for removing bottlenecks in experimental systems biology based on our expertise in nonlinear optics, tissue microscopy, image analysis, cell/developmental biology, and biophysics. Our activity consists of two complementary aspects (i) microscopy methods development including proof-of-principle studies, and (ii) studying embryonic development and tissue function using multidisciplinary approaches.

Methods: biophotonics, multiphoton microscopy, light-sheet, 2PEF, 3PEF, SHG, THG, FLIM, CARS, SIM, polarization, laser ablation, terahertz. Topics: embryogenesis, neurodevelopment, collagen, heart, cornea, extracellular matrix. Models: zebrafish, drosophila, mouse (ex vivo), tissue biopsies, cell cultures.


Tenured scientists & engineers
Emmanuel Beaurepaire (CNRS DR)
Anatole Chessel (EP Asst Prof)
Nicolas David (CNRS DR)
Guilhem Gallot (CNRS DR)
• Gaël Latour (UPSay Asst Prof)
Pierre Mahou (EP IR)
Karsten Plamann (ENSTA PR)
Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein (CNRS DR)
Chiara Stringari (CNRS CR)
Willy Supatto (CNRS DR)
Payvand Arjmand
Bahar Asadipour
• Matthew Gleeson
• Lei Zhu
PhD students
Xue Bing
• Nuno Bras
• Clément Caporal
Stella Dees
• Amélie Elouin
• Giulia Galante
• Blandine Lordon
Poncia Nyembo
• Solène Prudhomme
Technical support
• Xavier Solinas - electronics
• Jean-Marc Sintes - mechanics
• Isabelle Lamarre-Jouenne - biotechnology
• Emilie Menant - zebrafish husbandry

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Work with us: Internships / PhD proposals / postdoc positions


LOB publications

Avanced multiphoton microscopy
Second harmonic generation (SHG) in skin and cornea
Brain-wide multicolor 2P microscopy
Two-photon light sheet microscopy (2P-SPIM)
FLIM-based metabolic imaging
Deep-tissue 3-photon microscopy
Third harmonic generation (THG) in myelin, blood and biocrystals
Nonlinear polarimetry
Other imaging methods
Large-volume bioimage informatics
Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging
Adaptive optics & focus shaping
Equipex Morphoscope / imaging facility
Embryonic and organ development
Cell migration and morphogenesis in the early embryo 
• Multiphoton microscopy of developing tissues
Biomaterials structure and function
Advanced imaging of cultural heritage artefacts
• Transparency of the human cornea

Past projects
• Cilia imaging and left-right symmetry breaking
• Tissue micromanipulation and embryo biomechanics
• Nonlinear microscopy with broadband ultrashort pulses