06 déc. 2023 - 31 déc. 2026

Séminaire de Martin Weik, Institut de Biologie Structurale, CEA Grenoble

à 11h , Amphi CURIE, Ecole Polytechnique Watching proteins at work by kinetic X-ray crystallography Kinetic X-ray crystallography permits the structural characterization of macromolecular conformational changes along a reaction pathway at the atomic level...
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14 déc. 2023 - 31 déc. 2026

Séminaire de Stéphane DUIGOU, I2BC, Gif-sur-Yvette

à 11h , Amphi CURIE, Ecole Polytechnique Deciphering Bacterial Chromosome Organization: Investigating the Activity of MukBEF Bacterial Condensin Chromosomes are long polymers of DNA that, when unraveled, far exceed the size of the cells containing them...
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25 jan. 2024 - 31 déc. 2026

Séminaire de Serge MEIMON, ONERA, Chatillon

à 14h , Amphi MONGE, Ecole Polytechnique Using illumination patterns for retinal imaging The first application of adaptive optics to retinal imaging, using a Flood-Illumination Ophthalmoscope (FIO), occurred more than 20 years ago. Since then, there is an...
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30 jan. 2024 - 31 déc. 2026

Séminaire commun LOB/LCM de Jean-Pierre MOTHET, Laboratoire LuMin, ENS Paris Saclay

à 10h , Amphi CURIE, Ecole Polytechnique Right handed amino acids: new molecular codes in brain signaling in health and disease The last two decades have witnessed remarkable advances in our understanding of the role of right-handed (D-) amino acids in...
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12 avr. 2024 - 31 déc. 2026

Séminaire de Irene Georgakoudi, Tufts University, Boston, MA, USA

à 11h , Amphi BECQUEREL, Ecole Polytechnique Label-free, multi-scale imaging of mitochondrial and metabolic function in living tissue This presentation will highlight the unique opportunities to assess metabolic and mitochondrial function and/or...
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21 juin. 2024 - 31 déc. 2026

Séminaire de Stéphanie BURY-MONE, I2BC, Gif-sur-Yvette

à 11h , Amphi to be announced, Ecole Polytechnique
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24 juin. 2024 - 27 juin. 2024

EMBO Workshop : Molecular biology of Archaea

The EMBO Workshop on Molecular biology of Archaea will cover cutting-edge research in various fields with a focus on archaeal molecular biology, evolution, and ecology and their interconnections. The proposed talks will present data at different scales...
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