Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging

Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging



Guilhem Gallot (DR CNRS)                  
Blandine Lordon (PhD student)



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ANR project ANR-21-CE42-0018


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The Terahertz domain

The terahertz electromagnetic domaine.


The objective of the "terahertz" project is to develop new tools for the imaging and sensing of biological systems using terahertz radiation ($10^{12}$ Hz). The terahertz domain lies between the microwave and far infrared domains. Recent developments in terahertz electromagnetic wave technology now offer interesting applications in the field of biological sensing. Among the advantages involved and contrary to X-ray detection, the sample does not suffer from terahertz radiation thanks to the low energy of the photons. We have designed and developed new terahertz sensing techniques, based on terahertz time-domain spectroscopy or on quantum cascade lasers. These techniques probe the presence of biological solutes, which modify the dielectric constant of the liquids.


Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy setup.


In the laboratory, we have developed new terahertz biological measurement tools that have enabled us to study, for example, ion and aqueous flows through the neuronal membrane or cardiac muscle using near-field techniques, or membrane dynamics induced by saponin. Recently, we have developed a terahertz device based on attenuated total reflection (ATR) which has a remarkable accuracy allowing stable measurements on model cell layers. It is based on the coupling between the evanescent wave on top of the ATR prism and the cell layer.

Attenuated total reflectance (ATR) setup.


  • Xiujun Zheng, Sitri Group, Shanghai, China
  • Marianne Grognot (PhD 2016), postdoctoral position at Harvard University, USA
  • Antoine Wojdyla (PhD 2011), researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
  • Alexander Podzorov (PhD 2009), Horiba Jobin et Yvon, France
  • Jean-Baptiste Masson (PhD 2007), researcher at Institut Pasteur, France


Research highlights

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"Observer les neurones grâce aux ondes térahertz"
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Terahertz links

TERANAUTE association (in French): The "Teranaute" network brings together manufacturers and many French laboratories in the field of terahertz, aiming at identifying terahertz applications and developing terahertz sources and detectors.


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