Brain-wide multicolor 2P microscopy

Brain-wide multicolor 2P microscopy

The study of brain tissue development requires imaging approaches that ideally provide micrometer resolution, access to mm3 volumes, and multi-contrast capability. We develop methods for imaging multiple structural and biological parameters in complex tissues.

Multicolor two-photon imaging: we introduced a novel approach for simultaneous two-photon imaging of several fluorescent proteins (e.g. CFP, YFP, RFP) in tissues. This method, which is based on nonlinear wavelength mixing, is particularly appropriate for 'brainbow' tissue imaging, which we develop in collaboration with J. Livet's group at Institut de la Vision. By combining this method with automated serial sectioning, we extended it to brain-wide multicolor imaging with micrometric resolution (ChroMS, chromatic multiphoton serial microscopy) in brainbow mice. 

Multimodal imaging:
we optimize multimodal tissue imaging approaches simultaneously providing complementary information based on fluorescence (2P, 3P), harmonic generation (SHG, THG), wave-mixing (TSFG, FWM, CARS), and/or fluorescence lifetime (FLIM) signals.

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