Two-photon light sheet microscopy (2P-SPIM)

Two-photon light sheet microscopy (2P-SPIM)

Multiphoton fluorescence microscopy has proven invaluable for tissue studies with its ability to provide 3D micron-scale resolution in thick/live samples. However it is a point-scanning technique, which limits its imaging speed to a few images per second (typ. 10^5-10^6 pixels/second). Multiphoton light-sheet imaging is emerging as an efficient method to achieve 50-100x faster two-photon imaging of thick tissues, with the additional benefit of strongly reducing photobleaching.

Left: setup for multicolor two-photon light sheet microscopy using wavelength mixing. Right: 3D reconstruction of cell movements in the beating heart of a zebrafish larva. Image size is 210 * 230 * 300 µm3. Speed scale ranges from 0 to 620 µm/second. Adapted from Mahou et al, 2014.

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(Introduction in French)
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